A familiar environment for assembly language development

Full IDE for x86 Assembly Language Programming, featuring :

  • Project Management of files/libraries
  • Code Browser
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • TASM/TASM32/MASM support
  • Visual Studio style interface
  • And more

Project management and code browsing

The Project Manager provides easy file management for large assembly projects.  Assembly Studio keeps track of project files, output paths, library directories, modules used, so you don't have to.
The Procedure Viewer allows developers manage code easier, and conveniently access sections of code quickly and intuitively.

Integration with multiple assemblers

The IDE is fully integrated with the Assembler of choice.  This means no more command prompt windows to slow down development.  Building and reviewing output is done completely within the IDE.
Complete control over compiler and linker parameters is provided through an easy to use GUI.

Wizards to get you started quickly

Helpful wizards get you up to speed quickly.  The IDE is easy to extend by adding your own wizards, implemented as DLL plugins.
Assemblers including compilers and linkers are pluggable, including TASM and MASM

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